Shamballa wishes to deliver mother nature’s tasteful delights to everyone. Our cuisines are never created with MSG, every ingredient is garnered from natural wheats, vegetables, nuts, and fruits.

After our grand opening, many of our guests ponder the meaning behind Shamballa. For us, Shamballa is a special haven.

Shamballa can be traced back to Tibet. In Sanskrit, it means “a place of peace, stasis, and joy.” No one knows its exact location. Based on two of Tibet’s most sacred writings by Kanjur Tanjur, Shamballa is a hidden kingdom nestled in the north of the city of Bodh Gaya, a holy place in Buddhism where the Buddha was enlightened under the Bodhi tree. People believed Shamballa was an oasis surrounded by vast mountain ranges, tender snow, and glistening ice. Few hypothesised that Shamballa was an ancient gate that led to a metaphysical world, a passage binding various invisible space-time dimensions with our own. Others assumed this hidden oasis was real, but it was too far away for any soul to approach and admire.

In Saigon, Shamballa invites guests into a place that ties the past with the present. The space was inspired by Colonial French architecture designed with the wild fauna of the countryside to create balance between urban and rural. We are a viridian getaway in the midst of a sleepless city.

Within every meal served here at Shamballa, there are organic ingredients carefully selected and masterfully prepared. Our goal is to serve food that balances flavours with nutrition, which is foundational to a peaceful and environment-friendly lifestyle. We hope Shamballa provides you a positive perspective on vegetarian cuisine as a healthier lifestyle and a greener energy source.


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17-19, Trịnh Văn Cấn St., Cầu Ông Lãnh Ward, D.1, Saigon

OPENING HOURS: 10:00 – 22:00

091 787 67 88 | 028 6287 3003

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